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The Centre is committed to provide all women, irrespective of their race, culture, age, religion or disability, the opportunities to realise their full potential in the areas of their chosen training or occupation

Women's Help Centre offers free training and advice on any family matters. We provide English and computer classes. We also have creche facilities for children aged two and a half and over. For more information please call us on 0121 551 2370. If you are unemployed, at home, in part-time work or wish to return back to work or you need general advise, contact the Centre. Joining any of the training courses will not effect your benefits.

The Centre wishes to empower women in widening their horizons to develop themselves and their community. Their aims are to broaden the understanding of issues and opportunities, lessen the social isolation faced by women, develop their confidence in their abilities and help them develop skills that will gain them independence. All this is done in a safe place and supportive environment.

"The Centre is fully committed to provide all its users, a competent service, of a high quality standard"

Women's Help Centre Ltd
  • We offer training and support for women of all ages
  • The Centre coordinator Mrs Usha Khera founded the Centre in 1988
Domestic Violence Issues
  • Domestic Violence Asian Women's Handsworth Project is based at Women's Help Centre
  • Provides in your own language free one to one counselling
  • Practical advice to victims of physical and emotional abuse 
Empowering Women
  • It empowers women and help them to enhance their self worth by providing training, and workshops
  • There is a free creche facility available
Contact Us
For further information please feel free to contact us -

Women's Help Centre
321 Rookery Road, Handsworth,
Birmingham, B21 9PR
Tel: 0121 551 2370
Fax: 0121 551 1167
"No matter what you think your faults are, or what they say you have done wrong,
it does not give another person the right to assault or abuse you."