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Volunteer opportunities
We are looking for volunteers who work or live in the area and have time, commitment, experience, community involvement or management skills.

Over the years thousands of women, many of them from the ethnic minority communities living in Birmingham, have been trained and received in depth support and creche facilities, all for free of charge. They have gone on to rebuild their lives and start employment or training in mainstream institutions. They have developed their skills and gained confidence in their abilities as a step towards gaining independence. Many of them would not otherwise have had access to the widespread opportinities available in a women only safe and culturally supportive environment.

1. Can you spare at least 2 hours per week?

2. Are you interested in helping the local community?

3. Would you like to gain experience in community work?

4. Can you volunteer for the allotment project during summer months to help us grow organic food?

If you are interested please email your CV to and contact Mrs Khera on 0121 551 2370 to arrange an informal meeting.